Vladislav Mamyshev-Monroe

Vladislav Mamyshev-Monroe 1969-2013

“Mamyshev-Monroe was the embodiment of that no-limits era” – Joseph Backstein

TVlad Monroe was the founder of the parody television channel Pirate TV, the primary purpose of which was to infiltrate Programme A, a TV show hosted by Artemy Troitsky.

Founded in 1990 in collaboration with artists such as Timur Novikov, Georgy Guryanov and Yuris Lesnik, Pirate TV functioned as an experimental ‘fast reaction’ video journal, documenting key events in St Petersburg through performance, such as exhibitions, parties or raves, as well as news across Russia. Vladislav wrote the scripts for each episode and played nearly all the roles, impersonating figures such as Hitler, Marilyn Monroe and Putin, among others. Unable to broadcast on state TV, Pirate TV became a fully independent and experimental channel

Born in Leningrad in 1969, Vladislav Monroe attended five different schools and served in the Soviet Army before he founded Pirate TV. In 2004 he was the host of Artemy Trotsky’s TV programme Vital Signs on Russia’s REN TV Channel. The artist also won the Kandinsky Prize for film Volga Volga and was awarded the prize for Pioneering Contribution in the Development of Contemporary Art at the 2013 Innovation Prize in Russia. Vladislav died in Bali in 2013, but remains one of Russia’s most significant underground artists to this day.


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