Victoria Lomasko looks at the role of the artist working with political ideas,  both in the Soviet Union era and in contemporary Russia. Victoria’s father was a typographic designer and stage painter who, without believing in communist ideology, was making his living by drawing political propaganda and making banners for demonstrations and parades.

During Soviet times, the overwhelming majority of artists were in a similar situation: blindly producing artworks without personal meaning. Here, Victoria presents a new wall mural
illustration in response to this exhibition’s consideration of the legacy of the Russian Revolution.

Victoria Lomasko, born in Serpukhov, Russia, now based in Moscow, works as a graphic artist and has lectured and written widely on graphic reportage. The co-author of the book
Forbidden Art, nominated for the Kandinsky Prize in 2010, Victoria has also co-curated two major art exhibitions, The Feminist Pencil and Drawing the Court. Victoria’s work had been exhibited in numerous shows in Russia and abroad. Her mural will be exhibited at The Return of Memory which opens this weekend at HOMEmcr.

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