UK Premier: Acid (18*) + ScreenTalk

Russia 2018 Dir Alexander Gorchilin 97 min.

The death of a friend derails the lives of a couple of young musicians in Alexander Gorchilin’s vital and vibrant debut film.

When Vanya, naked and high on acid, plunges to his death from a balcony, complex feelings of anger, guilt and rebellion surface in two of his friends, Sasha (Filipp Avdeev) and Pete (Alexander Kuznetsov), one of them blaming himself for Vanya’s demise.

Alexander Gorchilin, known for his work as an actor in Kirill Serebrennikov’s The Student, offers an electrifying and provocative directorial debut. Similar in age to his central characters, it’s an often disturbing portrait of disaffected Russian youth and masculinity in crisis, with excellent performances.

The event is organised in collaboration with M.ART – a non-profit, non-governmental cultural organisation that showcases contemporary Russian culture in London, New York and Tel Aviv.

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