The Owners

Kazakhstan, 2015 dir. Adilkhan Yerzhano This playfully stylized, bleakly funny Kazakh drama by young writer-director Adilkhan Yerzhanov, tells the familiar tale of small-town corruption and cronyism. Set in contemporary Kazakhstan,The Owners is part folklore, part social critique; an expression of everyday reality whose idiosyncratic characters and visually rich set pieces owe more than a passing […]

The Fool

Russia, 2014 dir. Yuri Bykov Bykov’s tightly wrought film tells the story of Dima Nikitin (Artem Bystrov), a simple plumber and housing maintenance foreman. One night, Nikitin is called out on what appears to be a standard emergency call to a local social housing estate to fix some broken plumbing. Once there, Nikitin discovers to […]

School #3

Germany, 2017 dir. Georg Genoux, Yelizaveta Smith While the war between Russia and Ukraine is seldom mentioned, it forms an unspoken epicentre around which individual stories coalesce. Co-directed by Ukrainian filmmaker Yelizaveta Smith and German theatre director Georg Genoux, School Number 3 developed in parallel with a live theatre performance, which was also created with […]

No Place for Fools

Russia, 2015 dir.Oleg Mavromatti Sergey Astahov is a gay man converted by Church and state propaganda into an orthodox pro-Putin activist. Composed of terrifying images from Astahov’s blog, this documentary by contemporary artist Oleg Mavromatti is the most radical insight into today’s Russia and its ideological clashes. “We must not give away our children to […]