Return of Memory

Unofficial histories, suppressed memories and strategies of resistance all converge in our new major group exhibition, which seeks to redress the legacy of the Russian Revolution on its centenary by exploring how contemporary artists are responding to the state of the ‘New East’ today. Rather than a nostalgic look at the past, new commissions and […]

Would You Look at Her; How Does the New East Look at Its Women.

Coming directly from this year’s festival circuit, New East Cinema’s selection of shorts tracks the ways in which women’s lives are affected by Eastern state ideologies. In the 20th century, Communism claimed that it had ‘solved the feminist problem’. In theory, all people were equal, and women, as men, were seen as tools of labour to serve […]

Film Season: Generations, Russian Cinema Of Change

Defiant, expressive and electric, this season of cult and landmark films charts an extraordinary century of change in Russia. The world’s largest country has undergone profound upheaval in recent history. Through it all, film has played an important role. This season explores the shifting forms of self-expression, independence and defiance through Russia’s seismic cycles of […]

East Life, Animated

Animation remains associated with a childish innocence, which strips it of the sophistication automatically relegated to film. Yet, throughout the 20th century, animation has been used to communicate and comment on social and political events and on society’s hopes and fears. Thanks to its very association with childhood, animation has often been overlooked by official censorship […]