LFF ’18: “The camera is a gun” – An Interview with Viktor Kossakovsky on Aquarela.

“In aquarela, in watercolours, there is no sharp border between one colour and another, it’s diffusing. ” – director Viktor Kossakovsky tells me as we discuss the edit of his latest piece Aquarela – a transfixing observational experience of water and its unpredictable, ever-changing nature. Although other filmmakers have previously experimented conducted frame speed experiments, with results […]

Zvyagintsev returns: Russia’s foremost director on his new film Loveless, critics and creativity

The Calvert Journal, October 2017 “Leviathan director Andrey Zvyagintsev is back with his fifth feature, Loveless — the story of a bitter divorce and its tragic effects on a young boy. The Calvert Journalcaught up with the director ahead of the film’s UK première last weekend at the BFI London Film Festival” Read More

We are Never Alone (2016) | Made in Prague Festival 2016 – Filmuforia

  NIKDY NEJSME SAMI | Director:  Petr Vaclav | Cast: Karel Roden, Lenka Vlasakova, Miroslav Hanus, Zdenek Godla, Klaudia Dudova | Czech Republic/France 116min Director Petr Vaclav’s latest film is a provincial drama full of passion, violence and mental health issues. The characters could be straight out of a Sartre play and Vaclav certainly asks many existential questions. […]

THE NEW SOCIAL presents the UK Premiere of Golden Leopard Winning GODLESS from Filmmaker Ralitza Petrova

January, 2017 “The effects of communism in Bulgaria keeps on taking its toll, nearly thirty years after its collapse. It’s a reality, where you get away with murder without consequence, and a possibility for hope can only emerge when all is lost. Godless deals with the fall of an ordinary person, forced to act against […]

The new social: how a generation of directors is exploring post-socialist identity

“Homo sovieticus is faceless; he is at once “no man” and “everyman”. It is no surprise then that all aspects of culture across the vast Soviet empire and Eastern Bloc were often cast in a similar cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all mould.”   Read this article on Calvert Journal: http://calvertjournal.com/articles/show/4960/the-new-social-filmmakers-reconstructing-social-identity-east-europe

The New East in film

The films in this programme, many of which have been picked directly from the international film festival circuit and will be being screened in the UK for the first time, focus on authentic, personal storytelling by emerging and established filmmakers. What unites them is an attempt to navigate the ‘post-socialist’ or ‘post-Soviet’ space in which […]

Her story: how female directors have redefined gender in Croatian cinema

The Calvert Journal 11 December 2017 “For years, Croatian cinema told stories of war, testosterone-fuelled adventures and relationships seen from a male perspective, with women being marginalised, one-dimensional characters. Now a new generation of women directors is bringing more complex female characters to the screen.” Read more: https://www.calvertjournal.com/articles/show/9340/her-story-how-female-directors-have-redefined-gender-in-croatian-cinema

Six Questions With: Yuri Bykov

    Prior to the Manchester Screening of The Fool, we talked to Russian director Yuri Bykov about the film and his outstanding yet unconventional filmmaking career. The world of Bykov’s films is characterized by the depiction of Russian society as a cycle of greed and cowardice, where the characters are constantly faced with choices […]