We are Never Alone (2016) | Made in Prague Festival 2016 – Filmuforia

  NIKDY NEJSME SAMI | Director:  Petr Vaclav | Cast: Karel Roden, Lenka Vlasakova, Miroslav Hanus, Zdenek Godla, Klaudia Dudova | Czech Republic/France 116min Director Petr Vaclav’s latest film is a provincial drama full of passion, violence and mental health issues. The characters could be straight out of a Sartre play and Vaclav certainly asks many existential questions. […]

London Premier: Volcano + ScreenTalk

Ukraine/Germany/Monaco 2018 Dir Roman Bondarchuk 104 min. A military interpreter becomes stranded in a small southern Ukrainian steppe town in Roman Bondarchuk’s brilliant, surreal black comedy. Set in the visually astonishing borderlands of Southern Ukraine, this multi award-winning dark comedy stars Serhiy Stepansky as city boy Lukas, an interpreter from the OSCE (Organisation for Security and Co-operation in […]

Vladislav Mamyshev-Monroe

Vladislav Mamyshev-Monroe 1969-2013 PIRATE TV “Mamyshev-Monroe was the embodiment of that no-limits era” – Joseph Backstein TVlad Monroe was the founder of the parody television channel Pirate TV, the primary purpose of which was to infiltrate Programme A, a TV show hosted by Artemy Troitsky. Founded in 1990 in collaboration with artists such as Timur […]

Vitaly Mansky

Born on 2 December 1963 in Lviv, former USSR, Vitaly Mansky is a Russian documentary filmmaker of Ukrainian-Jewish origins, currently based in Riga, Latvia. Mansky’s  documentaries have fascinated the international audiences, receiving awards from international festivals such as Karlovy Vary (where his film Pipeline won Best Documentary in 2013), Hong Kong, Vilnius, as well as […]


Bulgaria/ Romania, 2014 dir. Maya Vitkova “A striking first film about a young child without a belly button that explores the relationship of Bulgarians with their country, history and families.” (Boyd van Hoeij, The Hollywood Reporter) Dreaming of the west, Boryana is determined not to have a child in communist Bulgaria. Her desire is thwarted […]


THE DAUGHTER OF AN ARTIST DECORATOR (2017) Mural Victoria Lomasko looks at the role of the artist working with political ideas,  both in the Soviet Union era and in contemporary Russia. Victoria’s father was a typographic designer and stage painter who, without believing in communist ideology, was making his living by drawing political propaganda and making banners […]

Valeriya Gai Germanika

An enfant terrible of the Russian film world, Valeria Gai Germanika is arguably one of the youngest, most scandalous, provocative and successful film directors working in Russia today. Born in on 1 March 1989 in Moscow, Valeria was trained at the Internews Cinema and Television School, and began her career as a director at the […]


Barbara Herbich, 1990 The first art auction in Moscow conducted by Sotheby’s took place in the summer of 1988. It became a turning point in the history of contemporary Russian art, the first time that Soviet art collided head-on with the full Western market force. USSR Art uses this seminal event as a platform from […]